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Security: God’s Protective System



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Fear is an emotion that we all have faced at one time or another, it’s grips can be immobilizing; crippling one with its debilitating anxiety stopping us in our tracks. We are faced with endless areas where we see the need to seek out various forms of protection from our government, military, spouses, boss, and even looking to ourselves. As the world’s population has increased and we experience greater expansions at the same time we have elevated numbers in isolation. This paradox is truly played out across the globe with large cities and even countries and yet we can have our workspace the size of some small room in our homes. With the advancements of our day looking more normal and widely accepted the blurred lines of society are not so blurred. The use of such advancements such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) could have us leaving our thinking to science. How do we navigate through these difficult yet exciting times? We believe this can only be done with the mind of Christ Jesus.

When we filter all the things that we will encounter in this life with the proper moral values we will find our answer as we seek to walk in the will and ways of our Lord and Savior. With the mind of Christ an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church we will know with assurance what and how to walk in the peace of God even in the most tumultuous of times. The mind of Christ will protect you in any circumstance that we may find ourselves in.


Available for Men and Women.





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